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Starseed® Avocado Oil

Our Starseed® Avocado Oil is our cold pressed, all natural oil made 100% from premium avocados from Peru. As one of the best sources of Omega ) oleic acid, it is a fast penetrating oil on the skin that is highly moisturizing, and ideal for skin and body care lotions such as bath lotions, moisturizers and soaps.



- Moisturizing

- Anti-inflammatory

- Emollient

- Fast penetrating

- Nourishing

- Skin regenerating

- Skin replenishing

- Skin softening

- Soothing

- Vitamins


- Dry skin

- Mature skin

- Men care

- Skin care

- Body care

- Bath & shower

- Body / Massage oils

- Soap additives

- Sun care

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