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For us it all starts in Peru,

one of the most bio diverse countries in the planet:

Who We Are

We are a Peruvian company that understands the importance of living healthy, balanced and natural lifestyles. As such, we believe that given a fair and sustainable approach, the Amazon rainforest and Andean valleys can unfold themselves as a great source of knowledge, wisdom and resources for the world to benefit from. We run a socially and environmentally responsible operation of organic plantations and a quality-controlled manufacturing process as a means of providing high value natural, healthy products from the Amazon to worldwide consumers.

• 84 / 114 life-zones

• 28 / 32 climates

• 460 mammal species

• 1,800 bird species (#1 in the world)

• 4,400 registered plants with potential human use!






















It is in Peru where childhood buddies (now fearless entrepreneurs!) get together for a trip to the jungle that resulted in getting involved in a trailblazing reforestation project in the lowland Amazon rainforest. Long treks, light boats, camp sites, living in nature… We fell in love with the Amazon, its rich terrain and warm people. But it was not long before we noticed some of the most absurd problems affecting the Amazon:

  • Cattle grazing – 1 cow per hectare, turning the Amazon into grassy slopes at a ravishing pace.

  • Subsistence slash and burn agriculture – low yielding, low priced crops keeping farmers poor and their land deforested.

  • Seasonal migratory agriculture – putting more pressure on the forest for the next harvest

  • Illegal plantations – Coca leaf farming to produce Cocaine.

  • Informal mining – lawless mining camp sites with complete disregard to the environment and health

  • Invasive Mono Culture Agriculture – Palm fields with not a bird’s chirp!

  • Illegal timber extraction – Less forest, worstening climate conditions.


It is in the Amazon’s most valued treasure that we find its best defense mechanism: its BIODIVERSITY.  We find Sacha Inchi, as a wild bushy  climbing plant in by a grove close to a small farming town. This is when Starseed ® is born.

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