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Starseed® Sacha Inchi Oil



Body & skin:

- Moisturizing

- Anti-inflammatory

- Anti-ageing

- Restores the lipid layer

- Promotes hydration retention


- Prevents hair breakage

- Enhances hair integrity


- Dry skin

- Mature skin

- Skin care

- Hair care

- Soap additives

- Sun care

- Baby care

- Bath & shower

- Body / Massage oils 

Our Starseed® Sacha Inchi Oil is 100% cold pressed from Sacha Inchi seeds. This exotic and nourishing oil has the highest content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, primarily Omega 3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA), providing anti-inflammatory properties (1) and shown to be essential for human health. The unparallel natural content of tocopherols in this oil contributes to its antioxidant capabilities, making it the most stable Omega 3 oil in the world


As one of nature´s richest vegetable source of Omega 3, the oil leaves a silky and soft feel to the skin and has a pleasant smell. It can be used in the face serums, eye creams, hai shampoos and conditioners, lip balms, and more.

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