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Starseed® Chia Oil

Our Starseed® Chia Oil is our cold pressed, all natural oil made 100% from chia seeds grown in the Andes. It has been consumed since the time of the ancient Aztec civilizations. It has one of the highest contents of Omega 3 alpha linolenic acid, a pilyunsaturated fatty acid shown to be more essential for human health than most vegetables oils, and providing anti-inflammatory properties.

Chia seed oil is silky and soft on the skin and can be used in hair conditioners, eye creams, lip balms, face serums, and more. Omega 3 shows potential to protect skin from ultra violet radiation (UVR). Topical application of antioxidants has been suggested as a preventive therapy for photo ageing and skin cancer caused by UVR.



Body & skin:

- Moisturizing

- Anti-inflammatory

- Anti-ageing

- Restores the lipid layer

- Promotes hydration retention



- Prevents hair breakage

- Enhances hair integrity


- Dry skin

- Mature skin

- Skin care

- Hair care

- Soap additives

- Sun care

- Baby care

- Bath & shower

- Body / Massage oils

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