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Starseed® Sacha Inchi Superseeds 

Our Starseed® Sacha Inchi Superseeds is our line of Premium, plant based nutrition powered by organic Sacha Inchi and other Amazon superfoods. 


Sacha Inchi seeds have been consumed sine pre Inca times. They taste and look like a nut, yet are allergen free superseeds (not nuts!) Extremely satiating and nutrient dense they are an ideal snack for improved health. 

Gently roasted to perfection, it is the power and wisdom of the Amazon all in a single superseed!

- Delicious and mildly nutty

- Organic

- Non Allergen

- Rich in Omega 3 (24%)

- Rich in complete protein (30%) 

- All the essential amino acids

- Gluten Free

- GMO Free

- Sustainability sourced

Ideal size to snack on and enjoy its multiple health benefits.

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