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Starseed® Sacha Inchi Powder

Our Starseed® Sacha Inchi Powder is our line of premium, plant based nutrition powered by organic Sacha Inchi and other Amazon superfoods. It is made from 100% Sacha Inchi Seeds.

Rich in complete vegetable protein, it is ideal for sport nutrition formulas, nutritional supplements formulas, healthy shakes and beverages, cereals, bakery, confectionary, protein and energy bars, pastries, yogurts, pasta and noodles, etc. Mildly nutty, yer allergen free premium plant nutrition!

- 60% PROTEIN containing ALL essential amino acids

- Great source of Omega 3

- Organic

- High digestability in children and adults

- High soluble in water and oil

- Lowest heavy metal levels of all plant proteins (and Prop.65 compliant)

- Resists high temperatures

- Gluten free

- Hexane free

- Allergen free

- Non GMO

- Sustainably sourced

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